NIRMAN is the initiative of SEARCH since 2006 to identify and nurture social changemakers and active citizens in Maharashtra.
It's a series of 4 residential camps (each of about 7-9 days) to be held at Shodhgram (SEARCH's campus). The camps are organized once in 6 months and the process continues for 2 years. You can participate in it while continuing your education/vocation.
NIRMAN deals with many important issues that a youth faces. The highlights of NIRMAN are:

1. Understanding self thoroughly.
2. Understanding the diversity around me.
3. Exploring the relation among society, nature and I.
4. Getting to know the various problems and challenges that surround us in the 21st century.
5. Experiential understanding of the grass root situation.
6. Interaction with eminent changemakers from various fields.
7. Life Mission: What does it mean? Do I need to have one? How do I identify it?
8. What can I do to grapple with the social, scientific and technological challenges around me?
9. How can I pursue a career that is deeply satisfying and meaningful to me?
10. A large panel of facilitators with varied expertise to help, guide and interact with.
11. Networking of the participants and further exposure to societal issues in the period of six months between two consecutive camps.

In the first series of 4 camps of NIRMAN (held in June 06, Jan 07, July 07 and Jan 08) about 60 youth (professionals, students) from all over Maharashtra participated. The experience was really interesting and inspiring both for the participants and SEARCH.

The next round of NIRMAN camps is beginning from June 2008. The first in this 4 camp series is scheduled from 29 June to 5th July at Shodhgram, Gadchiroli. It will include 60 youth in the age group of 18-25. The process of selection of the participants is in progress now.

If you want to apply, kindly fill up the application form available at

The form does not have space for answers and so please write your answers on a separate sheet. The last date for submitting the form is May 15.

Please send the form, duly filled in, to SEARCH, Gadchiroli - 442605 or mail it to [email protected]