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The convention at New Delhi on August 10, 2006

The theme title of the convention was "Replicating The Home-Based Newborn Care in India: New evidence from 12 sites". The objectives were :
1. To share the methods of replication and the results observed in (a) the first level of scale-up a) in
    the seven sites in Maharashtra in the ANKUR study and b) the interim findings of the five site         study by the ICMR in the states of Bihar, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
2. To release the training package and a film developed by SEARCH for training village health     workers on HBNC
3. To create an opportunity for the policy makers to meet the community health workers from the         ANKUR and ICMR project sites.
4. To create the environment for decision by the policy makers and donors.

The programme jointly organized by SEARCH, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi and Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR) achieved the objectives and more. The programme was concluded with issue of a statement stating unequivocally that :
"The time has now come that, based on the evidence and learning from Gadchiroli, ANKUR and the ICMR studies, we can take the HBNC for scaling up and should not delay further"
The highest level of Government of India was represented in the convention which was inaugurated by Dr. Syeda Hameed, Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India and the training manual was released at the hands of Ms. S Jalaja, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Newborn Care and the Director, National Rural Health Mission.
The SEARCH training manual being released
Dr. Syeda Hameed, Member, Planning Commission addressing