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 Dear Friend

We hope that you have gone through the salient features of various aspects of work of SEARCH. Perhaps now you would like to

Visit SEARCH and observe the work of SEARCH
Explore possibility of partnership with SEARCH for implementing the proven models developed by SEARCH
Obtain training in specific field where SEARCH has training to offer
Invite Adolescent education team to hold camp/programme at your institute
Contribute to the efforts of SEARCH by offering your expertise or services
Send your students for a study tour to experience the methods of community service
Send your students for internship in community health service or social service
Participate in dissemination of the information on the work of SEARCH through your writings such as articles for newspapers or periodicals
Obtain copies of publications published by SEARCH itself or by other agencies
(books, research papers, reports, information brochures)
Contribute by way of donation in cash or kind
There are many other ways in which we can establish and develop the partnership. Please feel free to contact us and obtain further details on specific matters of interest. We are looking forward to friendship with you.