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Surgery Camps :
Surgeons from different parts of Maharashtra visit SEARCH to perform surgeries for the rural and tribal populations of Gadchiroli district and other neighboring regions.
Twice a year, a surgical team from Mumbai headed by Dr Shekha Bhojraj visits SEARCH for spine surgery. Among the surgeries completed are spinal cord repair, disk prolapse and pinched nerve. Approximately 5-10 surgeries are completed per camp.
Once every 2 months Dr Salphale of Chandrapur visits SEARCH with his team for performing hernia and hydrocele operations. Phimosis and vasectomy procedures are also performed. On an average, 40-50 operations are performed per camp.
The surgeries performed in other surgical camps (held presently twice a year) for which doctors from Sangli, Miraj, Mumbai and Akola contribute, include vaginal and abdominal hysterectomies, thyroidectomies under both general and local anesthesia, plastic surgery procedures such as burn contractures, cleft lip operations, and skin grafts, urinary stone removal, prolapsed uterus, lipoma, and fistula and pediatric surgeries. On an average, 70-100 operations are completed during the camps.