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      Maa Danteshwari Hospital: The tribal Friendly Hospital
This is not merely a hospital of SEARCH. It is the hospital emotionally owned by the tribals of Gadchiroli. They have named it as "Maa Danteshwari Dawakhana" after their own Goddess Danteshwari
The temple of tribal Goddess Danteshwari is at the gate of Shodhgram, on way to the hospital. The visitors can pray to their Goddess before reaching the hospital and also as and when they feel so during their visit/stay
The OPD is a typical tribal hut like structure modeled as a Ghotul or a tribal community hall

The doctors and nurses do not wear white aprons or uniforms but wear simple clothes which reassures the tribals that they are not ghosts with mysterious powers

The architecture of the hospital building is like a typical tribal house with living chambers around a central open space and verandahs traversing the chambers. The central open space has trees with platforms built around them. This enables the patients and visitors to meet each other and exchange notes while they wait their turn to see the doctor

The indoor facility includes huts which have been designed by the tribals specially for Danteshwari Hospital. The patients (unless utmost necessary for medical reasons) can stay with their relative in these huts.