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Contribution to SEARCH
The amount of contribution to SEARCH is eligible for exemption under the section 80 G of the Income Tax Act of India. This contribution may be remitted in cash or by way of money order, cheque or demand draft drawn on a scheduled bank, in favour of SEARCH, Gadchiroli. All such contributions will be acknowledged and receipt will be issued in the name of the donor.

SEARCH solicits such contributions for supporting the activities of SEARCH. Following are the average unit costs in respect of some of the activities of SEARCH

        Home based Neonatal Care programme to save newborns and children

     Providing care to one mother and newborn   Rs.      300 /-
     Averting one newborn death ( Saving one newborn)   Rs.   6,800 /-
     Supporting one village health worker for a month   Rs.   1,000 /-
     Kit of one village health worker   Rs.   3,000 /-

        Adolescent Health Education

     One 3 day camp for 50 participants at Shodhgram   Rs. 22,800 /-
     One 3 day camp for 30 participants at village level   Rs.   5,400 /-
     One school or college level 3 day camp for 100 participants   Rs.   4,600 /-
        Deaddiction programme
     One 5 day de-addiction camp at village level   Rs.   9,500 /-

   One 3 day camp (tobacco de-addiction) for 30 participants

  Rs.   7,800 /-
   One 1 day school programe (tobacco de-addiction)   Rs.   1,100 /-
        Tribal development programme
     Holding one annual health assembly of tribals   Rs. 52,000 /-
     Organising and assisting youth club in one village in a year   Rs.  4,500 /-
     Maintaining one Karsana Lon for tribal children for one year   Rs.  3,000 /-
     One 3-day camp for development of 50 children   Rs. 20,500 /-
        Hospital Services at Maa Danteshwari Hospital

  Running OPD at Maa Danteshwari hospital for a  1 month for 30 tribal villages (2000 patients)

 Rs. 50,000/-
    Cost of providing ambulance service for one month  Rs. 8,500 /-
    One surgical camp for 30 patients  Rs.50,000 /-
    One operation in surgical camp  Rs.1,600/-