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  The Alcohol De-addiction Camps :
   These are for the patients from the districts of Gadchiroli and Chandrapur.
   The methods used comprise:
       1) Medical detoxification
       2) Individual counseling
       3) Group therapy
       4) Counseling of the family
These residential camps are held at the village. The camps at the village are of 5 days. The village level 5 day camps are held on demand by the village. The villagers support the village level camps by way of provision of venue and food grains (rice etc) and vegetables for the entire duration of the camp. The success of the camps can be gauged from the statistics given below:
The concluding session of a 12 day camp
5 Day camp
November 1995 to March 2008
Number of camps
Number of patients
Sobriety rate
The concluding session of a 5 day camp