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The Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Camps
Considering the almost total lack of information and knowledge regarding reproductive health amongst unmarried youth, the target group for this activity is not bound by strict upper age limit and all young, unmarried boys and girls above the age of 14 years are welcome to participate. These camps include those organized at Shodhgram by SEARCH, the ones conducted in schools and colleges as well as those which are hosted by other social service organisations.
The proceedings of the camps are a combination of informal and formal sessions including group discussions, interactive question-answer sessions, group games and talks on specific topics. Scientific information is provided through slide shows and posters. Each camp is characterized by "before after study" of information and knowledge of the participants. The major topics covered during a typical three day camp are :
Anatomy of reproductive organs
Menstruation: Precautions and cleanliness
The mechanism and process of conceiving and sex determination
Pregnancy: Care and risk factors, delivery and diet
Irresponsible sexual behaviour
Abortion and medical termination of pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Diseases including AIDS
Family planning and contraception methods
The process of selecting a partner
Though initially the camps were held only in Gadchiroli district and nearby districts of Chandrapur and Nagpur, the demand from all over Maharashtra has resulted in camps being held in distant places like Pune, Miraj, Kolhapur etc.