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The Training Material for Implementation of HBNC

The training material for the implementation of HBNC includes

1) "How to train Community Health workers in Home-Based                 Newborn care"
This is the training manual for training Community Health workers (CHWs) through whom the HBNC service is delivered.( Presently only English version is available for sale) (Rs. 1,000 for print version; Rs 900 for CD.The CD also contains English version of item no 2 and 3 given below)

2) "How to train traditional birth attendants to support Home-based
    Neonatal care"

This is the training manual for the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) to support HBNC
(Available in English/Hindi/ Marathi) (Rs 50)

3) "Dialogue with Mothers"
A flipchart for one to one health education of pregnant women
( Available in English/Hindi/Marathi) (Rs 200)

4) Film titled "Nanhisi Jaan" in Hindi or "Tanhula" in Marathi
A group health education film for health education of pregnant women and their caretakers    (Available also in marathi under the title "Tanhula" (Rs 60 for CD and Rs 100 for DVD)

Please contact SEARCH for obtaining copies of the training material